Monday, September 15, 2008


I’ve been surfing like crazy on my free time, and have been seeing some really nice pictures and videos.
I chanced on this pic, and found it really funny:
Narendra ‘s blog is very funny. He has linked some really funny videos too. I was too lazy to get the actual video link and embed it....
Benny Lava:
I thought we had seen the end of Benny Lava, but not yet...
Click here if you haven’t heard of benny lava before.
And this is the Croatian remake:
Absolutely funny.. I laughed as much as others might have laughed watching the original.
I even downloaded the buffalaxed version, and the Croatian one, and ran them in parallel. The steps are totally in Sync, and it is much funny that way.
And I admit, I got a high from seeing them white folks dancing to a tamil song.
That’s it for today.
Wanted to write a real post today.
My muse visits me only in the day,
And I forget by night what she had to say.
So I had to dredge up some comic stuff and put here.
Bye for now people...

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