Saturday, September 20, 2008


She thinks back, and the memories are still there.

It’s like the ancestral home, very much there, and very less visited.

She remembers her grandmother’s deep laugh.

And her grandfather’s gentle smile.

The times her grandfather carried her back from school.

Every time he visited, she would hear his voice, calling out her name, and she left whatever she was doing, and ran into his arms...actually, ran and hugged his legs, she was so small.

The love of grandparents that made her feel she was a princess.... and then they went away, one by one... a year after another.

Just after she became pubescent. And got questions. And uncertainty. Woudn’t it have been better to have her strong grandmother with her when she grew through it. Or her grandfather to give her more of his values.

She’d like to become a grandmother. And hug her grandchildren, and spoil them with sweets, and stories, and give them memories. Call them sweet names that they would always remember and feel warm about.

And try to live till they tell her that they can manage on their own.


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