Monday, January 25, 2010

Of rain, mud and sweeping it all away.

It rained last week, and the stone walk way in front of our doorstep had wet mud an inch deep.

There was danger of people slipping on it, so I brought out our buckets with water, and threw the water on the walkway, then, for lack of a broom, got into the mud in my bare feet, and swept the muddy water away with my feet.

It was quite some work.

The sun was bright, and the feel of water on your feet is indescribably good, and I was reminded of home after a downpour. Mom, saree hitched up to mid calves, sweeping off the water from the balcony and stairs, and asking me to go inside and not wet my feet.

And here I am, bare-footed and in my three-fourths, doing the same for my house. :-)

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