Monday, September 28, 2009

Unnai Pol Oruvan - Review

We watched Unnai Pol Oruvan this weekend.

I’d read that it’s a remake of the hindi movie, ‘A Wednesday’.

I’d prejudged the latter and avoided it, as I’d heard it was about terrorism, and bomb blasts. But the former is a Kamal movie, and I, being a long time fan of Kamal, had to watch it.

A neighbor had already outlined the story to us, so there was no suspense, but we still enjoyed the movie. It is quite off beat for a Kamal movie.

His movies are usually mega budget, and there’s a lot of hype surrounding its release, but the release of this movie was rather quiet, suiting the sombre tone of the movie itself.

The movie strives to be politically correct, and I guess it is necessary. There’s a hindu terrorist, and a muslim cop, among the predominantly hindu cops and muslim terrorists. There’s no point hurting the sentiments of minorities, right?

The terrorists all look so fake. Karamchand Lala is played by Sandhanabharathi, who looks and speaks so obviously tamil, for a person with a north Indian name.

Mohan lal’s tamil is awful, I heard. But it blends with the character of a Malayali cop.

Kamal’s character does not have the usual megalomaniac snobbishness, except a little in the initial scenes when he tries to speak in an accented English by rolling his R’s.

And what I liked best in the movie is that I could finally see Kamal playing his age, sagging cheeks and all. From Vettayadu Vilayadu, he has started looking visibly older, and still fights and romances his way through his movies. I’ve wanted him to age gracefully, and still give us amazing movies.

There are not many tamil movies with a an aging protagonist as the main character, so I guess the problem lies there as well.

Now that Shruti Hassan has started acting (and do I love her!!!), maybe Kamal would start playing roles more his age. I’m looking forward to it.

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