Sunday, August 9, 2009


Saad movies always make me cry...

While watching movies, I often get insights into normal life... I try to write down what comes to mind.

Watched Kramer Vs Kramer today.
Hubby slept through it.
I liked it. And I liked Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep, they are beautiful people.
The movie is a bit slower than I had expected, but very well made, and realistic.
Any insights? Hmmm… none…

Watched A Beautiful Mind a few days back.
Beautifully shot movie, and Jennifer Connely is very beautiful.
A schizophrenic believes in imaginary characters, and I wonder…
You don’t like interacting with people, but still yearn for it, so you make up people in your mind so that you can interact with someone?
It would have been hell to go through it for twenty or more years…
I read somewhere that normal people act like schizophrenics in experiments when there is a data overload. I think that clarifies certain things to me…

Rain Man
Beautiful. Real senti when Tom Cruise discovers that his Rain Man is actually his older brother Raymond… Lovely performance by Dustin Hoffman. And I think…the father;s inability to express his love, and his dedication to perfection could mean he had Asperger’s syndrome, the milder form of autism. Perhaps Tom’s character has his mother’s genes, and so he’s “normal”.

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